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Hotel Taxiarches Aristi Zagori


Aristi is one of the 52 villages of Zagori, the most beautiful village of Zagorohoria, that located at the end of the Vikos Gorge and gives visitors pictures of infinite natural beauty. Aristi is located in West Zagori, on a green slope and in the central part of the area. It is one of the largest villages of Zagori, with old mansions, churches and monasteries witnessing the acne and culture of the village over time. This toponym comes from the plant name, the Albanian arrc-i ending -shte or the -ishta article meaning a place where a species of shrub or tree or grass grows. Its geographical location makes it ideal for your stay in Zagorohoria, since starting from Aristi you can easily and quickly visit all the attractions of Zagori.

It's a place of rare beauty...

Full of landscapes interspersed by steep granite blocks, lush wooded mountains, steep ravines and canyons but also a place with its own distinct culture and culture. The stone-built houses, the cobbled streets and the imposing and distinctive natural environment will fascinate you and let you travel to another era. The village is built on the slopes of the Kudunata and Grabala Mountains. Tradition says that the village was inhabited by the inhabitants of Vopati, a village opposite Aristi who were forced to leave their village because of falling rocks and killing people and animals.

Our hotel is built amphitheatrically according to Zagorian architecture and materials of stone and wood within 48 km NW from the city of Ioannina.